Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Viaggio Installation (right side)
Part of Viaggio Installation - Old Suitcase
Southern Temple (detail)
Northern Temple (detail)
Northern temple - front view (detail)
Chest of Memories (detail)
New Suitcase (detail)
Southern Temple, handmade paper and wooden frame
Chest of Memories
1, Eastern Street
2, Eastern Street
Chest of Memories (detail)
Testimony 2
Northern temple (front view)
Northern temple
Part of Viaggio Installation - New Suitcase
Part of Viaggio Installation - Chest of Memories
Old Suitcase (detail)
Old Suitcase
Old Map
Testimony 1
Day Dream 1
Day Dream 2
Viaggio Installation (front side)

Viaggio Installation

Project Viaggio is a visual reconstruction of itinerary of an early linguist and traveler to India Filip Vezdin, described in his book Viaggio alle Indie Orientali, wherein he researched the lack of communications between distant cultures. He tried to reverse the flow of communication to the point where lack of knowing of different languages is abridged by visual component of different scripts. Vezdin concluded that if ability to understand the language of our fellow man did not bring about better understanding amongst the people, that there must be some other kind of experience and other kind of communication that would enable men to understand and ultimately care for each other. Being a renaissance man of many interests, Vezdin dived in the science of the Sufi mystics and found that one of the virtues venerated by Sufis was – travelling. The Sufis did not find travelling to be important merely because by travelling one gets to know other cultures. More important was that by being a foreigner in a foreign land one tends to lose the security one has at his home; he becomes humble and vulnerable, and thus able to feel rather than understand the position of the most deprived members of any societies. And so – Vezdin travelled! he project Viaggio is a visual attempt to undergo that very same journey from understanding to feeling and carrying. It communicates through installation of map like paintings, old suitcases, rolled paintings on paper, personal photos and 50 minutes documentary “Viaggio”. More than two centuries after him, I undergo a personal journey based on Vezdin’s itinerary, and in a documentary film compare India of Vezdin’s times and sensibility with contemporary India of the global world. With its interaction of different visual genres the Viaggio project aims to provide a new eye-point in experiencing different cultural patterns.