Cairo - Viaggio Installation 2007

Exhibition of installation entitled Viaggio in the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum in Cairo was the high point of my Cairo years. I had total of three solo shows in Egypt and have participated in several group exhibitions and workshops, but Viaggio exhibition was my first experience of being completely alined with what I was as an artist at the time. It is not that I was not happy with my other shows, but there were always something from keeping me from being wholeheartedly happy with my performance. Simply: by the time the show was ready, I felt my art was already ahead of what I have been presenting at that point of time. But not with the Viaggio. And when my curator Tamer Assam told me that no else then Farouk Hosni, Egyptian Culture Minister and a brilliant painter himself would open my show, I knew from that point onwards it would be very difficult to achieve such a perfect balance of all the important ingredients of a successful show.

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Branka Mr Farouk Hosni and Mr Drazen Margeta
Branka Chinelo Elena and Anatoliy
Branka, Mr. Mohsen Shalaan, Mr. Farouk Hosni and Mr.Drazen Margeta
Branka, Mr. Mohsen Shalaan and Mr. Farouk Hosni
Branka and Mr. Farouk Hosni