My studio in Cairo

I never had more beautiful apartment then the one I leased in Cairo. It was shamelessly spacious penthouse, that stretched into the terrace drenched with bugenvils. We entertained well over hundred guests there occasionally. When I first came to Cairo, I was quick to hire a studio in the area called Fustat. Lot of Egyptian artists have their studios there, owing to the low rent. But, alas, although it was just a few kilometres from my home, Cairo traffic transformed that distance into one hour, sometimes even two hours of drive, and I soon had to drop it. I finally decided to work at home, turning our huge dining room into my studio and moving our dining table to our living room, that was huge anyway. The cosiest studio I ever had.

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Branka in Studio with Lola
Branka in Studio
Composition 1
Composition 2
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