Khan el Maghraby Exhibition 2007

Khan El Maghrabi is a small but classy gallery in Zamalek, the most romantic part of Cairo. And just two houses away from where I lived in Mohammad Mansoor street. Visiting all the exhibitions there became my routine, so when I was asked to exhibit my work in it I felt as if I was in my own studio, just 20 meters away. It was an extraordinary experience as all of my neighbours that usually do not care for the art turned out. My all friends Shareen, Loutfi, Anja, Pera, Gilda, Maja ... mingled amongst my canvases along the usual art crowd, spiced with a fair number of foreign diplomats – friends from my husband's side. What a performance!

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Branka, Shareen and Loutfi
Branka and Daniel
Branka and Maja
Daniel, Branka and Croatian Ambassador Drazen Margeta
Gilda and Branka with the group of South American Ambassadors
Moment of contemplation
Pera, Anja, Marina and other Croatians in Cairo with Branka