10th Cairo Biennale 2006

My first participation in the art life of cairo was on the Cairo Biennial 2006. I have arrived to Cairo only a few weeks before that show, and for me everything still had that incomparable taste of new. I did not know much of Egyptian contemporary art before I lived there and I was simply overwhelmed by it once I came to know it. I instantly became friend with scores of Egyptian artists; being Mediterranean myself I found it easy and natural to blend in just another shade of Mediterranean culture. These friendships are still very intense, although I have moved again to yet another cycle of life and art.
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Anja and Branka
Branka and Amna
Branka and Daniel in front of Branka''s painting
Croatian participants infront of Museum of Contemporary Art in Cairo
Hilda and Branka
Pera Anja Branka and Ante