Sri Lanka Exhibition 2004

Time we spent in Sri Lanka was just fascinating, even though Lanka is somewhat ambivalent experience for a painter; the Island is immensely inspiring for an artist, but at that time there were only three galleries that hosted exhibitions. So, you paint perhaps more than usual, and present only occasionally. I was deeply influenced by Lanka, and the first cycle I have painted in Lanka was rightfully entitled The Colours of Silence. My family was drifted by our karma away from the Paradise Island, but I made a promise to my husband that the time we were lucky to spent there was just the first chapter, and that we would ultimately come back one day ... at least for holidays.

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Jasmin garlands
Ema and Klara playing with jasmin flowers
Branka, Jasna, Ema and Klara
Branka, Jasna, Ema and Klara in Pinnewalla
Negombo beach
Our house in Colombo