Amman - East and West 2008

Apart from being the perfect tool to express myself, what I love most about Art is that it is a way of living, rather then profession or even vocation. I always felt as being privileged to be in position as an artist to meet, exchange and interact with other artists around the world, people at the same time alike and different, but always driven with the same urge to contribute and share. I have made friends I would have most likely never make if I was not an artist. Exhibition East – West held in Amman Dar al Anda gallery (Curator Mrs. Majdoline Gazhawi) is an ideal example of that. I had yet another opportunity to exhibit with my dearest friends Hilda and Sylvia and make some new friends in the process: Nadine and Amna.

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Amman Temple of Hercules at Citadel Hill detail
Amna Nadin Hilda and Branka
Branka and Mohamed Alameri
Branka at Majdoline beautiful balcony
Branka Hilda Nadin Majdoline and Amna
Branka Said and Nadin
Branka with Amina and Nadine
Branka with Nadine and Hilda
Hilda and Branka
Hilda, Branka, Nabil and Nadin with Ali Maher drawings
Opening of East West exhibition
Opening of East West exhibition at Dar Alanda gallery